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Our Trainers

Cassandra Koehler “CC”


  • Weight Management and Body Composition changes
  • General Fitness & Wellness
  • Functional Integrated Strength Training
  • Core Stabilization and Balance Training
  • Muscle Activation Technique (MAT)
  • Men’s and Women’s Fitness
  • Corrective Training Technique
  • Kinesiology Taping


  • 14 years experience Personal Training
  • 2 years sports/Athlete training with Bemidji State Athletics Department
  • 5 years as a certified Chiropractic Assistant

Nick Hult

I’m Nick, a Personal Trainer with 8 years of experience. I started out my fitness journey looking to go into the military. Along the way I learned a lot about training and even took my friends through work outs as well. I realized I liked doing that quite a lot, so I looked into making it a profession. I graduated from the National Personal Trainer Institute in 2014 and have been a trainer since. My hobbies include Archery, Guitar, Running, History, and art. 

Marcel Vasquez

Hi, I’m Marcel with Evolution Fitness! I’ve been a personal trainer and life coach for 15 years. I love helping people! Not only reach their fitness goals but also giving them reasons to love fitness and embrace the lifestyle! I believe that making it a lifestyle through motivation, belief you can achieve anything and being confident you will have the best chance to make fitness your home! Thank you and God Bless!!

Emmy Schickert

My name is Emmy. I have been a personal trainer since December 2006 and feel so grateful to have helped so many fit a healthier version of themselves. I struggled for years with self imagine and even an eating disorder. Did all the wrong things and came full circle that a balanced, healthy lifestyle always wins. My goal as you’re coach is to NOT put you on an intense diet or an unrealistic workout schedule. Balance is key to consistency and consistency will produce long lasting results. 

I hope to be on YOUR fitness journey with you!